Run Queries

How to run drug and genetic perturbation queries.

Select a query signature

To specify a query signature, select either an integrated single-cell dataset or a bulk dataset. If you select a single-cell dataset, select a cluster to use as your query signature. For bulk datasets, select a test and control group to form your query signature:

Select Signature

Select perturbation study

Next select a perturbation study to explore:

Select Study

The differential expression of genes from your query signature are shown:

Query Genes

Explore results

A sorted table of top results is shown:

Query Genes

You can change the table sorting and filter for specific cell lines by clicking the advanced options toggle:

Query Genes

Plot perturbation effect

To view the predicted effect of a perturbation on the query genes, Select a perturbation for plot:

Plot Perturbation

Perturbation as query

You can use expression profiles from the reference datasets to query for similar and opposing signatures in the reference datasets.

To do so either search for a signature in the Select a dataset or query signature input or right click on a correlation point and click Load as query:

Plot Perturbation

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