Reference-Based Analysis

How to project your data onto reference datasets.

Reference Mapping

Reference mapping uses a previously processed and annotated dataset as a reference. Your data is projected into the UMAP coordinates of the reference and the predicted clusters and associated labels are also derived from the reference.

You can select a reference any time that you generate a new dataset:

  • Dataset Import
  • Dataset Subset
  • Dataset Integration

Available References

SpeciesDemoSource Link
Lung V1🧑➡️
Lung V2🧑➡️
Bone Marrow🧑➡️
Motor Cortex🧑➡️
Motor Cortex🐭➡️
Differentiated CD4 T-cells🧑📜
Tumor-Infiltrating T-cells🐭
Virus-Specific CD8 T-cells🐭
Virus-Specific CD4 T-cells🐭
10x PBMCs Atlas🧑
Cornell scMuscle🐭💪

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