End-To-End RNA-Seq Analysis

Dseqr runs multi-sample single-cell and bulk RNA-seq analyses from counts → pathways → hits.

Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub v0.35

Multi sample support

Runs class-leading pseudobulk differential expression analyses.

Sensible defaults

Follows recommendations from the OSCA handbook so that you can focus on biology, not bioinformatics.

Multiple integration algos

Integrate samples with harmony, FastMNN, or through reference-based analysis with Seurat or Symphony.

Flexible QC

Start with automated filtering or DIY. Custom metrics and subsetting allow you to further refine your QC.

Automated labeling

Transfer labels from previously annotated datasets or reference atlases.

Free to use

To keep Dseqr free, our servers shut down 48 hours after the last time someone opens the app. Your analyses persist.